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Foxit is a light and free PDF reader that can be upgraded to a complete editor
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Foxit is an application product line formed by Foxit PDF Reader and Foxit PDF Editor, a freeware and a commercial product respectively.
Foxit PDF reader is a little and powerfull software that allows you to open and print PDF Files, a format created by Adobe and often handled by their Acrobat Reader software. Since Acrobat Reader is also free, you may ask why should we care about Foxit PDF Reader? the answer is simple, it becomes very attractive to anyone due to the following facts:
- It has an smaller Setup File: 2mb for Foxit PDF Reader vs 24 mb Acrobat Reader has.
- It has a better runtime performance than Acrobat Reader, which means it opens with no splash screen and almost not wait time.
- It support PDF format version 1.6.
- It also includes tools to draw, highlight and create notes that you can save and print together.

Foxit PDF reader has a simple and nice interface that will allow you to catch how it works quick and easy. Most task are represented by icons that explains themselves.

Foxit PDF reader can be upgraded to Foxit PDF Editor as a shareware (just selecting the option to create pdf) or buying the complete product for 49.95, which is a good deal if you compare it to those 99 bucks you need to pay for Acrobat Standard upgrade.

If you work with PDF files daily, Foxit PDF Reader is the must have application for you

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  • Small Setup File: 2mb for Foxit PDF Reader vs 24 mb Acrobat Reader has
  • Better runtime performance than Acrobat Reader
  • Support PDF format version 1.6


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