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A free alternative to Adobe's Acrobat Reader
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Nargess I used it before on my windows 7 laptop and it was working perfectly. But now on my new one, which is windows 10, the highlight is not working!
The important feature for students!

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Spencer Well designed reader, lighter than Adobe reader. The only issue is that they removed the better user interface after version That was the last version that allowed a classic interface, so that's the version I use. I'll update when there's an option to have that interface again.

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Cesare Serini From version 10, there is no scanner functionality anymore ...

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Herman De Ryck Very usefull program. My advise you are the best

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calcot Simple and Awesome!!!
The Best Alternative to Adobe Reader.

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Uinsin42 Excellent!

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Kiril Small and fast. Easy to use. Recommend.

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Илья Пацев

Илья Пацев Great software, and I loved it, but they changed the GUI and it is a major change. This made the experience worse for me personally. The way that highlighting worked before (ver 6) was perfect, and it was the most important single feature I use for my schoolwork. With version I just want to roll back to version 6, or find alternative suite.

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Md. Sayem Shahriar While there is slow performance reading a document in Adobe Reader, this one I found useful.

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webcs Similar to its free version.
Rated high performance in all about I think.
I've been using it for 6 months and I had a big problem with the software.

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Vojta Much better alternative to the Adobe Reader. When installing, remember to turn off the unwanted software components.

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Ava This software might have a slow startup on many devices, but once loaded, it works much faster than Adobe Acrobat Reader. I have been using Foxit for 1 and half years now.

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Guest It has many problems when it comes to printing multiple sheets per page.

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SoumYa RanJan Simple and Awesome!!!
The Best Alternative to Adobe Reader.

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SoumYa RanJan Simply superb and awesome!
The best alternate for Adobe Reader.

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