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Open, read, create, and modify PDFs and share them in a cloud-based service
Илья Пацев — 3 years ago
Great software, and I loved it, but they changed the GUI and it is a major change. This made the experience worse for me personally. The way that highlighting worked before (ver 6) was perfect, and it was the most important single feature I use for my schoolwork. With version I just want to roll back to version 6, or find alternative suite.
Md. Sayem Shahriar — 3 years ago
While there is slow performance reading a document in Adobe Reader, this one I found useful.
webcs — 4 years ago
Similar to its free version. Rated high performance in all about I think. I've been using it for 6 months and I had a big problem with the software.
SoumYa RanJan — 5 years ago
Simple and Awesome!!! The Best Alternative to Adobe Reader.
Shohom — 7 years ago
hany.kadre — 7 years ago
dergiu — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
Thịnh — 7 years ago
j05e — 7 years ago
It is fast.
g3man — 8 years ago
small, fast, works well
KiS2 — 7 years ago
best PDF reader
Guest — 8 years ago
Faster to load than adobe reader
Guest — 8 years ago
Foxit is light, efficient, pdf reader
wredny — 8 years ago
Small and fast. Very good app
BlThunder — 8 years ago
Tiny and damn fast alternative to Adobe Reader
Chang — 8 years ago
Very fast and small sized
Freak — 8 years ago
A beautiful light-weight solution to pdfs. A great alternative to Acrobat Reader
Guest — 8 years ago
Fast, easy to use
Sundaram — 8 years ago
One good alternative for Adobe Reader.
Jakub — 8 years ago
Fast PDF reader. It can save PDF files, what you' re viewing now.
Dan — 8 years ago
Much faster and better than Adobe reader.
Mehrdad55 — 8 years ago
it is ok
zdig1 — 9 years ago
Joel — 9 years ago
freeware lightweight PDF reader
Queence Taylr — 9 years ago
this is the greatest pdf reader software i've ever used, easy, quick, small, useful. strongly recommend it.
NOFATCHX — 9 years ago
For its speed!
Khair Bakhsh — 9 years ago
Foxit Reader is excellent.
Denis — 9 years ago
Easy & Lightweight
Vivek Rp — 9 years ago
This is very good & light weight pdf viewer.
Guest — 9 years ago
great !!!
Guest — 9 years ago
Fast and lightweight
Vernon Guillory — 9 years ago
The one with the added program didn't work right, but I got the latest version and now its working very well again.
Nomad Soul — 9 years ago
Great replacement for insecure Adobe Reader.
Ankur Panchani — 9 years ago
Good software for PDF file..
voidfire — 9 years ago
Simple, Fast dan Free!
MarineMan215 — 9 years ago
It's very fast!
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