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Foxit Reader is a powerful and fast PDF reader application
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Foxit Reader is a powerful and fast PDF viewing application. Though small in size, it comes packed with a lot of useful functions for working with your documents. It opens documents very fast and it is designed to work on systems with little hardware resources.

This version integrates DocuSign as a means to digitally sign your documents and forms so everyone knows they come from you. This adds another layer of security. Together with Safe and Secure Reading modes, you have a very secure application for working with documents retrieved from the Internet.

As major technologies tend to address accessibility issues, the addition of Read Out Loud function is a great improvement for people with vision problems. Or it can be used while driving. Social networking is also addressed in this version. You can post right to your Facebook and Twitter accounts from the application.

As for the GUI, besides the five skin color choices, it comes with an added Tabbed Mode, which groups similar functions into tabs and displays them neatly in the toolbar panel. This resembles the toolbar found in those new versions of Microsoft Office. It looks very attractive and I recommend using this mode, because the classic mode only shows a few tools, and accessing them is a little cumbersome.

It integrates seamlessly with most web browsers and applications like Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, and Windows Explorer. The latter lets the system get a thumbnail and the former is for previewing the document before opening (this must be used with care for security reasons).

On the downside, while it renders most text documents quickly, it showed slow performance when opening and navigating through documents with high-quality images. At least it seems slow when compared with other solutions.

Overall, this is a must-have PDF reader. One of my all-time favorites because of how quickly it opens and navigates through documents. It keeps improving and adding functionality without affecting overall performance. And as new versions keep coming out, we can expect more functions to be added.

Misael Aguilar
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  • Fast and lightweight
  • Secure
  • GUI improvements
  • Read Out Loud function for accessibility
  • Integrates with major browsers
  • Digital signatures


  • Performs slow with documents with high-quality images
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